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TGT Recommended Links

The following are some internet locations which are of value in researching specific gems, deciphering the various educational programs and simply as locations for general information.  More are to be added shortly.


An excellent reference for both the novice and the professional, we love this site.  Be sure and check out the lively discussion forums, they are a great place for sharing information.

AZEmerald - Colombian Emeralds

An excellent resource for those of you looking for the finest in Colombian Emeralds.  A fine selection, personal service and competitive pricing make this a site we are more than happy to recommend.

International School of Gemology

An online resource for those researching education opportunities in gemology.  The site has an active forum for both students and non-students alike.

The International Gem Society

Offering a gemology course, a wealth of online reference material and links to various recommended suppliers, the IGS also provides a weekly newsletter which covers the latest news in the gem industry.

The Gemological Institute of America

The industry leader in research, education and certification for diamonds and colored gemstones.  Their extensive website details industry news as well as upcoming articles in their important trade publication, Gems & Gemology.

MK Designs

A finished jewelry website that we are happy to recommend - the emphasis is on unusual and rare gem materials in finished, custom designs.  Online ordering is available.  Right in line with our interests!


On online gem and jewelry reference site with articles, technical data and an excellent directory of sources.

The International Colored Gemstone Association

An industry organization, the ICA website has some useful information available to consumers as part of its effort to promote colored gemstones.

Show Dates from Rock and Gem

One of the most comprehensive listings for club shows, wholesale trade events, etc, that is available online.