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1.30 ct. Vietnamese Pink Spinel

Color:  Medium Dark Reddish-Pink Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Luc Yen, Vietnam Cut:  Pear Brilliant
Treatments:  None  Measurements:  7.6 x 5.5 mm

A dazzling gem from the famed deposits around Luc Yen.  The color is exceptionally pure - there is no brownish modifier as you may see in Sri Lankan gems, and for that matter, very little of the red modifier as you may see in a Mahenge stone.  Here you have a bright and sensational pure pink.  Luc Yen produces some of the finest color ranges for Spinel of any deposit in the world, this stone being a great example of this.  Considering the precision cutting and loupe clean clarity, there is absolutely nothing we can say against this gem.  The slightly elongated shape is somewhat nontraditional, but interestingly it has the effect of diffusing the color nicely and eliminating the typical 'pooling' of color at the ends.  Gorgeous stone.


$325 / carat - $422 total