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7.56 ct. Tanzanian 'Sunstone' Scapolite

Color:  Medium Light Slightly Brownish-Yellow Clarity:  Moderately Included
Origin:  Tanzania Cut:  Square
Treatments:  None Measurements:  11.8 x 12.2 mm

A unusual gem material from a limited find in Tanzania.  This is pastel yellow Scapolite, of the kind that is well known from East Africa, but with inclusions of copper.  The result is a gem that is visually similar to the schiller Sunstones (Feldspar) from Oregon - the inclusions give the gem an attractive coppery red flash when the light hits at the right angle.  This material is now several years old and we were surprised to find an unusually large example in a recent collection purchase - in fact, this is the largest faceted example of the very top quality lever for this material that we have seen. Unusual and rare.

$45 / carat - $340 total