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4.05 ct. 'Sunstone' Iolite with Hematite

Color:  Dark Violetish-Blue Clarity:  Heavily Included (Hematite only)
Origin:  E. Africa Cut:  Trillion
Treatments:  None Measurements:  13.3 mm

If you watch the site regularly, you may know that we have been offering these fascinating gems from a relatively recent and new find of facet grade material.  The stones join together the distinctive violet-blue of Iolite with reflective platelets of hematite.  This is another gorgeous example of this material; the color of the Iolite is great, the platelets are oriented superbly well and the size is magnificent.  The reflected colors are quite dazzling - given what we have seen with output and general quality, this gem is likely to remain one of the very best of its type.  A very large stone for the weight.

$65 / carat - $263 total