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2.77 ct. Quartz with Ajoite

Color:  Medium Bluish-Green Clarity:  Heavily Included
Origin:  Messina Dist., S. Africa Cut:  Oval
Treatments:  None Measurements:  10.9 x 7.9 mm

A quick search for images of Ajoite in Quartz from Messina, South Africa will show you how singular the specimens from this locale are.  The sharp Quartz points almost appear dusted with this striking, brightly colored mineral.  These are actually inclusions however, lodged just below the crystal surface.  Specimens are quite expensive and faceted examples are exceptionally unusual - not only is there the cost, but also the difficulty in polishing these without removing the Ajoite layer.  Being so close to the surface it represents a challenge for the cutter.  This gem possesses, by far, the most perfuse amount of Ajoite that we have ever seen in a faceted example - it present throughout the entire stone.  Typically there is not enough of the mineral present to color the entire gem, let alone one of this size.  A really outstanding example of this famed material and quite rare. 


$85 / carat - $235 total