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1.41 ct. Colorless Jeremejevite

Color:  Colorless Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Burma Cut:  Cushion
Treatments:  None  Measurements:  7.5 x 6.4 mm

Always a rarity, gem Jeremejevite is found in a few locales worldwide, somewhat unusually each of these produces their respective color.  Namibia produces the light blue gems, while Burma gives us a light yellowish hue and, along with Sri Lanka, occasionally a colorless stone.  Now, in the past it was the blue that set collector's hearts afire; it was rare to find larger gems and the color was typically very light.  In the past few years though, there has been quite a bit more of this Namibian material, all the while the gems from the 'other' locales have become increasingly difficult to find.

This gem is the largest colorless stone we have offered in a number of years.  Freshly cut and completely clean, it is a great example of this rare species.


$250 / carat - $352 total