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32.70 ct. Blue Zircon

Color:  Medium Very Slightly Greenish-Blue Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Cambodia Cut:  Round Portuguese
Treatments:  Heat Measurements:  16.6 mm

An extremely impressive stone to say the least.  Zircon is often quite dazzling due to its high dispersion and dramatic, very apparent visual doubling.  This is especially true in lighter colored stones, as the color range is often tends toward the dark.  With blue being the far and away favorite in the trade, we often find light blues to be among the most appealing Zircons.  That said, a stone of over 30 carats is quite amazing for one of these; this one is simply a fireball of at stone when held and rotated, something to behold. 

We cannot underestimate the quality of the cutting - a stunning precision job that is a full Portuguese round.  Combine this with the optical properties of Zircon and you can see why this stone makes its presence known.  It's actually quite difficult to photograph as these as they turn out 'fuzzy' - it is impossible to focus through the stone because of the double refraction.  A wild stone and an absolute museum piece, large and rare and competitively priced indeed.


$90 / carat - $2943 total