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0.69 ct. Burmese 'Flame' Spinel

Color:  Medium Dark Orangish-Red Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Mogok, Burma Cut:  Round Mixed
Treatments:  None Measurements:  5.3 mm

A classic Burmese 'flame' Spinel'.  The color is that fine saturated red, touched with an orange modifier, that is unmistakable and highly sought after.  We look and look for these to offer at competitive prices and are very lucky to be able to offer one a year at most.  While not a massive stone, the intense color gives it a great presence - much larger than its weight.  The stone is eye clean; under magnification you will see a charming little spray of tiny crystals under the crown.  Oh, and yes, a round - How unusual is that for a fine Burmese stone of this quality?

$310 total