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3.14 ct. TW Colorless Zircon Matched Pair

Color:  Colorless Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Cambodia Cut:  Round Brilliant
Treatments:  Heat Measurements:  6.5 mm

A superb matched pair of the very finest colorless Zircons.  For many years used as a natural diamond substitute, truly fine colorless Zircons are not particularly common. Firstly, many are used to produce the immensely popular blue stones and secondly, they often suffer from the traditional 'native' oval mixed cut that does not do the material justice. No issue here as the cutting is absolutely spot-on and perfectly matched.  Now, one thing that we can't do photographically is to capture dispersion particularly well - this set has a superb multi-color flash in daylight, but it simply doesn't come through in the photos.  Fine pair of scarcer rounds.

$48 / carat - $150 total