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1.96 ct. Japanese Iridescent Garnet

Color:  Dark Brown / Iridescence Clarity:  Semi-Translucent
Origin:  Kose Mine, Tenkawa, Nara Prefecture, Japan Cut:  Pear - Checkerboard Top
Treatments:  None Measurements:  8.8 x 6.5 mm

These are one of the most distinctive of all Garnets.  From a well known (and now completely off-limits) Japanese locality,  the iridescence is caused by the twinning of the garnet crystal and is close to the surface only - too deep a polish will remove it entirely.  Anything symmetrical from this locale is scarce - these are often left as freeforms to lessen the likelihood of polishing away the iridescence.  This is a superb example of a larger, symmetrical gem - the rough simply doesnt afford many opportunities to produces gems like this.  Remarkably, there is even some translucency to the garnet's bodycolor.  One of the few examples of stones from this find that could easily be incorporated into jewelry.

$145 / carat - $284 total