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14.55 ct. Brazilian Cassiterite

Color:  Medium Dark Brown Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Brazil Cut:  Triangle
Treatments:  None Measurements:  13 mm

Faceted Cassiterite has always been an appealing member of the collector class of gemstones.  It is a tin mineral that is rare in gem quality, but when cut is quite impressive - it has both a high refractive index and an adamantine luster.  These are quite dispersive as well - when nice, they are really lovely stones.  We were extremely impressed by this exceptional example of the species - outstanding color and dispersion, beautifully cut and perfectly clean.  And then there is the size!  It is highly unusual to find this type of quality in a stone of this size - often something is missing (too dark, distracting inclusions), but that is absolutely not the case here.  A remarkable, museum grade gem to be sure.  Reasonably hard (7 on the Moh's scale) for a rarity as well.


$185 / carat - $2691 total