2.28 ct. Tanzanian Spinel

Color:  Medium Dark Purple-Pink Clarity:  Eye Clean to Slightly Included
Origin:  Tanzania Cut:  Cushion - Concave Facets
Treatments:  None Measurements:  8.6 x 7.1 mm

When the fine gem Spinel first starting coming from the area around Mahenge, Tanzania many of the stones had a distinctive, slightly sleepy appearance that was quite novel.  The bright colors, combined with the scattering of light caused by this haze made for an overall appearance that connoisseurs of gem Spinel were quite fond of.  While the later material from Mahenge was much 'cleaner', we still occasionally see one of the early stones that has this lovely appearance.  A fine, larger example this gem is made even brighter by the use of concave facets on both the crown and pavilion - the color itself is a lovely purple-pink and the gem is otherwise flawless.  Wonderful size and value for a stone of this caliber.

$95 / carat - $216 total