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2.26 ct. Violet Sapphire

Color:  Medium Violet Clarity:  Eye Clean to Slightly Included
Origin:  Sri Lanka Cut:  Pear Mixed
Treatments:  None Measurements:  10 x 6.6 mm

A lovely violet Sapphire - one of the lovliest and most underappreciated colors for gem Sapphire.  A wonderful size for a center stone, the cutting is excellent and the gem is bright and brilliant.  There are two tiny included crystals near the edge - these are heavily magnified in the photos and in-hand the stone faces up eye clean.  We can't stress enough how lovely the color is - it is part of this very pleasant range of medium hues is still available at reasonable cost given how lovely they are.  Moreover, this a natural and unheated color.  Nothing to detract at all, a fine jewelry stone with an AGL Sapphire Brief.


$285 / carat - $644 total