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1.93 ct. Magnesio-Axinite

Color:  Medium Orange Clarity:  Moderately Included
Origin:  Merelani, Tanzania Cut:  Rectangular Step
Treatments:  None Measurements:  8 x6.2 mm

This unusual gem material comes from the Tanzanite mining area around Merelani.  There are purplish-blue gems as well as these slightly more uncommon orange examples.  Both are typically found heavily included - any facet grade fragment is rare and clean gems are nearly impossible to source.  All told, this is the largest and best of this orange variety that we have offered.  The cutting is exceptionally well done and there are no overly distracting inclusions whatsoever - in fact, the stone is fully transparent and retains a respectable degree of brilliance.  Very large and nice for these.


$345 total