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11.69 ct. Jackson's Crossroads Georgia Amethyst

Color:  Medium Dark Violetish-Purple Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Jackson's Crossroads, Wilkes Co., Georgia Cut:  Oval Brilliant
Treatments:  None Measurements:  18 x 13.2 mm

A gorgeous example of this popular US Amethyst locale at its absolute finest.  Regrettably, developments at the mine have lead to a serious decline in the availability of good faceting rough and we are no longer able to offer substantial stones from here with any regularity.  The gems from Jackson's Crossroads have a very crisp violet-purple bodycolor and are known for their 'blue flash' - a distinct and very attractive color and modifier.  We were naturally a bit skeptical of this effect at first, but it is indeed present in most examples and is truly noticeable and quite lovely.  Excellent cutting, clean and a very large stone for such a fine and consistent color - 10 carat gems are extremely difficult to source.  Additionally, these gems are absolutely not heated, in contrast to much of the Amethyst in the marketplace. 

$45 / carat - $526 total