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5.53 ct. Moroccan Cobaltian Calcite

Color:  Medium Dark Pink Clarity:  Semi-Transparent
Origin:  Toussit, Morocco Cut:  Freeform Step
Treatments:  None Measurements:  12.1 x 9.4 mm

Such large and fine examples of this interesting variety are extremely uncommon.  As is often the case with such rarities, this is an old collection stone - stored quietly away as this type of material has been absent from the market for decades.  The level of transparency is uncommonly fine (particularly coupled with the size) and the custom cutting is superb.  The special color is actually caused by Cobalt - an unusual example of this element resulting in a pink hue.  There are many small, often quite cloudy, examples of Cobaltocalcite on the market - these are typically cut from Spanish material while this beauty is from a classic Moroccan specimen.  With just the right lighting you can actually see the rounded botyriodal growth pattern that is diasgnostic of this material.   There is always some pain associated with collection stones as they are nearly impossible to replace once gone.

$95 / carat - $525 total