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1.57 ct. Cat's Eye Iridescent Garnet

Color:  Dark Brown / Iridescence Clarity:  Opaque
Origin:  Kouse Mine, Tenkawa mura, Nara Pref., Japan Cut:  Oval Cabochon
Treatments:  None Measurements:  7 x 6.2 x 3.1 mm

We had toyed with the idea that this type of gem was possible over the past few years.  These remarkable Japanese garnets have a dazzling surface iridescence due to twinning of the garnet crystal just at and below of the surface of the crystal face.  This is almost always seen as a broad flash of color in reflected light (see below, left, while the stone is in diffuse light).  In some examples we noted that the colors were defined enough that they could be concentrated by careful cutting into what amounted to a tight line of color, like the ray of a star.  We had thought that if oriented just perfectly and given the proper polish and form (remembering that you cannot polish too deeply or the colors are lost) is may be possible to produce an effect where the colors formed a kind of chatoyancy.

Well, the vision has been made reality.  A truly exceptional cat's eye iridescent garnet that requires no excuses or imagination.  The eye is composed of the full play of color and moves across the surface of the gem just as an eye should.  A simply remarkable product of a very singular piece of rough and a talented cutter - one in a million on a lucky day. 

$1000 / carat - $1570 total