10.82 ct. California Ulexite

Color:  White Clarity:  Translucent
Origin:  Boron, California Cut:  Rectangular Cushion
Treatments:  None Measurements:  19.9 x 11.3 mm

A rarity, no doubt, but also something of a contradiction.  Ulexite is not an uncommon material, in fact it is one of the staples of rock and gem shops/shows.  As the ubiquitous "T.V. stone" it famously has a fiber optic quality that allows an image to be transmitted along the axis of the mineral from top to bottom.  Now, a faceted Ulexite is something entirely different - firstly because the rough must be extremely fine and because it is not easily cut.  Remarkably, this gem retains the phenomenal quality that we are familiar with - the strange pattern you are seeing on the table of the stone are actually the image of the pavilion facets and keel line transmitted to the surface of the table.  All of that and the material is not otherwise transparent, only translucent at best.  It's an amazing optical quality, and something that is difficult to visualize without having the stone to study.  Have a look at the photo below, the stone is actually transmitting the word 'Gem'  - it appears as though the word is written across the table of the stone.  Great collector's piece and nearly impossible to find.

$65 / carat - $703 total