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14.88 ct. Iolite with Hematite

Color:  Medium Dark Blue-Violet Clarity:  Heavily Included (Hematite)
Origin:  Africa Cut:  Oval Brilliant
Treatments:  None Measurements:  22.6 x 16.6 mm

One of the very largest and best examples we have secured from the relatively recent and new find of facet grade material; this unique combination joins together the distinctive violet-blue of Iolite with reflective orangish platelets of hematite.  In very short supply, we have been lucky to find a few very high quality examples of this attractive material - as you can imagine, getting the mix of colors and the orientation of the inclusions correct is a difficult thing.  What is more, the size here is simply magnificent - the visual appearance is made even larger by the fact that these can be cut fairly shallow as brilliance is not a concern, but rather the translucency of the material.  With these dimensions, it easily appears over 20 carats.  Excellent example.

$22 / carat - $327 total