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1.26 ct. Rhodochrosite

Color:  Medium Orangish-Pink Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  China Cut:  Round Brilliant
Treatments:  None Measurements:  6.7 mm

We often look through dozens of the very best of these Chinese Rhodochrosites to find the one or two stones are just right.  Clarity is so important to these - even the lightest veil will interrupt the reflections and the brilliance will suffer.  So, they need to be inordinately clean, but of course then the cutting needs to be precision as well.  Rhodochrosite has very high optical properties, but poorly cut pieces will not be nearly as visually impressive as they could have been.  This is a fantastic stone, clean and bright and with a superb, watermelon color.  Dispersion is a difficult quality to capture in a photograph, so no doubt you will be dazzled by this one in person.  Beautiful stone in the most desirable shape. 

$375 / carat - $472 total