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5.48 ct. Cat's Eye Zircon

Color:  Light Slightly Brownish-Gray Clarity:  Translucent
Origin:  Sri Lanka Cut:  Round Cabochon
Treatments:  None Measurements:  8.1 mm

One of scarcer of chatoyant gem materials, fine cat's eye Zircon is really quite uncommon. Unlike some other gems (Tourmaline or Danburite come to mind) where the eye is caused by very coarse tube like inclusions, the eye in Zircon is caused by very fine, essentially invisible, inclusions. The appearance is very close to what you see in Chrysoberyl. While the eye is somewhat more moderate than the best Chrysoberyl, it is still quite distinct and has a respectable range of motion. Additionally, the very unusual silvery bodycolor is most unique and provides an excellent contrast for the eye.  These are double rare in stones over 5 carats.

$65 / carat - $356 total