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0.54 ct. Proustite

Color:  Dark Red Clarity:  Slightly Included
Origin:  Germany Cut:  Custom Shield
Treatments:  None  Measurements:  5 x 4.1 mm

One of the great gem rarities, faceted Proustite is almost unheard of outside of institutional collections.  A silver sulfantimonide mineral, Proustite is well known for the stunning deep red color of crystals, along with its importance as a silver ore.  As such, it is sometimes even referred to as 'ruby silver'.  As a gem, it is quite a unique material - the color in many crystals can darken upon exposure to light so that the red can be difficult to see once the stone has been faceted.  This makes for a stone that has an intense color but also a metallic luster - an extreme version of the visual effect of Cuprite.  This example retains an excellent red bodycolor and is a fine, approachable size.  Great polish for this difficult material.


$245 total