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7.09 ct. Ametrine by Tom Munsteiner

Color:  Medium Purple / Orangish-Yellow Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Anahi  Mine, Bolivia Cut:  Custom
Treatments:  None Measurements:  28.1 x 8.4 mm

Another superlative gem carved by one of the world's premier gem artisans.  A sizable and very dramatic stone that is finished to perfection - not surprising given the stone's Idar-Oberstein heritage.  As the carving is the principal focus in any Munsteiner gem, it is interesting to have the added element of a naturally bi-color gem material - the resulting work ends up being even more dramatic.  This stone is just calling out for a custom piece of jewelry, something that really utilizes this shape.  With complete certificate from Atelier Munsteiner.

$500 total