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33.06 ct. Yellow Vesuvianite with Grossular Garnet Cabochon

Color:  Medium Dark Slightly Brownish-Yellow Clarity:  Opaque
Origin:  Lake Jaco, Coahuila, Mexico Cut:  Custom
Treatments:  None Measurements:  47.8 x 21 mm

An extremely unusual (and rare for that matter) cab material.  This particular color of Vesuvianite (also called Idocrase) is from the Lake Jaco deposit in Mexico (see a crystal photo here).  We double checked and we only offered this material once before - and even then, the stone lacked the most interesting part of this cab - a section of the classic Lake Jaco Grossular Garnet.  These garnets are never transparent, but have a very attractive bodycolor that is quite distinctive for this locale.  The cutting is beautifully done with a nice custom shape and a very fine polish.  Lovely and actually very rare.


$120 total