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1.19 ct. TW Russian 'Topazolite' Garnet Matched Pair

Color:  Medium Dark Slightly Brownish-Yellow Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Russia Cut:  Round Brilliant
Treatments:  None Measurements:  5.1 mm

From the same locality as the famed Russian Demantoids, but actually a good deal more scarce.  In reality, we probably see close to 50 fine Demantoid pairs for every well matched pair of these.  This color of Andradite was historically called 'Topazolite' Garnet, a now seldom used term, but one that remains significant in the history of the gem world.  Very fine Russian cutting and quite dispersive (as you would expect from Andradite) these are now very scarce in the market.  It is very unusual to be able to match of pair of these historic Russian stones - a rare set for the connoisseur of garnet.

$300 / carat - $357 total