2.10 ct. New Jersey Willemite

Color:  Medium Dark Greenish-Yellow Clarity:  Slightly to Moderately Included
Origin:  Franklin, New Jersey Cut:  Kite Step
Treatments:  None Measurements:   mm

The most well known examples of gem Willemite come from the famed deposits around Franklin, New Jersey.  The stones are notable for their bright greenish-yellow bodycolor which is almost unique in the gem world.  Perhaps even more impressive is the almost unbelievable fluorescence that these stones are capable of.  Take a look at the second photo, this is the stones reaction to s a simple, small UV light; it is almost unbelievable.

The presence of orangish-red needles of the mineral Zincite is very diagnostic for Willemite from Franklin.  In some examples, the proliferation of needles can overwhelm the stone - not the case here as they are present but not overly distracting.  Additionally, the custom cutting is extremely well done and gives the stone a nice degree of brilliance.  We have had similar examples in the 1/4 - 1/2 size, but a stone of over 2 carats is really quite large.  In this size and quality, this is a top example of yet another U.S. rarity.

$450 / carat - $945 total