2.54 ct. Merelani 'Mint' Garnet

Color:  Medium Very Slightly Yellowish-Green Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Merelani, Tanzania Cut:  Oval Brilliant
Treatments:  None Measurements:  10.1 x 6.8 mm

An always popular gem material in a size that we are rarely able to offer.  Absolutely loupe clean and in a great oval brilliant cut, this lovely gem features the lovely 'mint' green hue that this deposit is famed for.  These are always so brilliant and bright when done this well, they are just a lovely material.  In the past several years, demand (and not surprisingly, prices) for these has surged - we were quite lucky to find a stone of over 2 1/2 ct. to offer at some 'old' pricing.  Beautiful stone and irreplaceable now at this price.

$450 / carat - $1143 total