6.73 ct. Fire Agate

Color:  Dark Brown/Iridescence Clarity:  Semi-Translucent
Origin:  Jalisco, Mexico Cut:  Freeform Cabochon
Treatments:  None Measurements:  18 x 5.8mm

At first glance at very typical Mexican Fire Agate.  An attractive pattern of iridescence covering a brown surface - nice oranges, greens and even reds.  But on second glance you may notice the colorless 'rim' when the stone is viewed face-up.  Flipping the stone on its side you can see that the entire Fire Agate portion is confined to the top surface, this 'rim' and the lower portion of the gem is entirely translucent, colorless chalcedony.  We have never quite seen this combination captured so well before - the resulting gem is rather striking with the colorless contrast.  Moreover, the translucency of the base imparts a much more translucent nature to the Fire Agate surface than you typically see.  Quite honestly, you could probably see thousands of Fire Agates before finding something similar.

$75 total