2.57 ct. Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire

Color:  Medium Dark Blue Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Sri Lanka Cut:  Rectangular Radiant
Treatments:  Heat Measurements:  9.5 x 5.4 mm

A superb stone, a gorgeous blue Sapphire with an absolutely top color.  Fine stones like this, in the 2-3 ct. range have seen such a dramatic upward movement in price over the last few years that it is almost staggering.  But, then again, this is THE classic gem material;  just what comes to mind when one says 'sapphire' blue, a fine medium dark hue that is brilliant and deep while remaining 'velvety'.   The gem is clean and the cutting is fresh and done to all the correct angles and with a great polish.  All colored stones have their strengths, but there remains nothing quite like a fantastic Sapphire.  Gorgeous! With AGS cert.

$1500 / carat - $3855 total