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27.83 ct. Brazilian Kunzite

Color:  Medium Pink-Purple Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Brazil Cut:  Antique Cushion
Treatments:  Heat Measurements:  20 x 15 mm

An exquisite stone - perfectly clean and of a collection size.  Excellent color for the species as well seeing as smaller stones are typically considerably lighter.  Kunzite is a horror to facet, so symmetry and polish are extremely important when grading these - this stone getting full marks on each.  As few cutters will work with the material, custom cut Kunzite is not at all common, you could easily spend several hundred dollars just for the cutting of a piece like this.  One of our favorite shapes as well - the classic 'antique' cushion.  Simply a gorgeous stone at a very competitive per carat cost.

$20 / carat - $556 total