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1.06 ct. Star Spinel

Color:  Medium Dark Bluish-Gray Clarity:  Translucent
Origin:  Sri Lanka Cut:  Round Cabochon
Treatments:  None Measurements:  6 x 6 x 2.6 mm

Asterism in Spinel so not widely known, but it is capable of being rather remarkable.  The stars are exceptionally sharp, considerably better than most Sapphire in fact.  If there were more of these, and in brighter bodycolors, they would be coveted by a much wider audience.  This is a fine example, again with a simply great star - sharp and mobile.  The bodycolor is a gray-blue and makes for a very attractive background for the fine star.  The high polish gives a very fine luster as well and, interestingly, the stone is a double cab with a fine star on both sides - the two photos above show each side.

$85 / carat - $90 total