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1.38 ct. Poudretteite

Color:  Medium Pink Clarity:  Slightly Included
Origin:  Mogok, Burma Cut:  Cushion Mixed
Treatments:  None Measurements:  7.7 x 6.5 mm

The quintessentially rare species, Poudretteite was named for the family who operated an operation at the Mont Saint-Hilaire deposit, where it was first discovered.  Since then there has been nothing more than a trickle of stones out of Burma to tempt the rare stone market.  This lovely stone is an outstanding example of Poudretteite, cut to the correct angles (always scarce on such a rarity) and of a fantastic medium bright pink hue.  This is the most valued of colors available, most tend toward colorless.  Of the fine gem examples of this species that we have handled, almost none of this size have such a fine color.  A few very slight inclusions (a small veil, a tiny 'iron' stain and single needle) but nothing distracting and in-hand the stone is very nearly eye clean.  One of the trophies of gem collecting and extremely nice - with GIT mini cert.


$2200 / carat - $3036 total