30.43 ct. Natural Canadian Hessonite Crystal Cluster

Color:  Medium Slightly Pinkish Orange Clarity:  Translucent
Origin:  Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada Cut:  Natural Crystal Cluster
Treatments:  None Measurements:  23.4 x 15.8 mm

A fascinating piece that blurs the line between a mineral specimen and a gem for jewelry use. The sharply formed grouping of crystals are fully translucent to transparent in areas and are bright and colorful. This particular deposit, one of the most widely known Hessonite occurrences, has a very distinctive color - a slightly pinkish orange that imparts a peach color that is essentially unique in this variety. Despite being a natural fragment, the back of the piece is actually quite flat and the border regular - a fairly easy piece to custom bezel set. Very attractive and certainly unique.

$65 total