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1.75 ct. Taaffeite Cabochon

Color:  Medium Pink Clarity:  Moderately Included
Origin:  Burma Cut:  Oval Cabochon
Treatments:  None Measurements:  8 x 5.6 mm

Fairly recently, there has been a small supply of gemmy Taaffeite to come on the market whose locality is the classic gem area around Mogok, Burma.  As one of the the most well known and requested of rare gem materials, a new Taaffeite source will always be welcome - the trouble, however, is that the gem rough is typically moderately to heavily included.  So, what to do?  Though quite rare, the Taaffeites coming from other localities are capable of being quite clean, so the market has come to expect this.  One alternative would be to saw and grind and find the cleaner areas in the rough, thereby producing a few smaller, cleaner stones.  Others may think a large stone, regardless of clarity, would be the way to go.  There is another choice here, to cut a Taaffeite cabochon - a novelty to say the least.  What is particularly great about this piece is the excellent color - a fine medium pink.  Such a pleasant color in Taaffeite is unusual to say the least.  Great piece with a GIT mini cert.

$295 total