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1.43 ct. Burmese Star Ruby

Color:  Medium Dark Slightly Purplish-Red Clarity:  Transparent
Origin:  Mogok, Burma Cut:  Oval Cabochon
Treatments:  None  Measurements:  6.8 x 4.9 mm

Fine stars are one of the most frustrating of all gem materials - it seems that no matter how good a stone is there is generally something holding it back from being a truly great gem.  There is so much to consider - the bodycolor, the symmetry and polish, mobility and strength of the star and of course the clarity, just to name a few.  We struggle to find gems that get high enough marks in all of these categories.

No struggle here, this one is a great example with the added attraction of a fine Burmese pedigree.  The transparency of the stone itself is excellent, completely gemmy with only a tiny veil or two under 10x magnification.  The star remains strong and mobile at all angles and is nicely centered.  Their is no wasted weight as the back is nicely flat - a few depressions but nothing detracting.  Not a huge gem, but a very fine one to say the least.


$650 / carat - $929 total