1.33 ct. Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire

Color:  Medium Dark Blue Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Sri Lanka Cut: Triangle
Treatments:  Heat Measurements:  5.9 x 7.8 mm

A superlative blue Sapphire with an absolutely top color.  This is just what comes to mind when one says 'sapphire' blue, a fine medium dark hue that is brilliant and deep without darkening up.  The hue stays nice and blue under varying light and is not something capable of disappointing.  The gem is eye clean and the cutting is fresh and done to all the correct angles, no windowing whatsoever.  All colored stones have their strengths, but there remains nothing quite like a fantastic Sapphire.  The drastic upward spiral of the prices for this type of stone shows no signs of slowing down.

$795 / carat - $1057 total