0.72 ct. California Lawsonite

Color:  Medium Grayish-Violet Clarity:  Translucent
Origin:  Marin Co., California Cut:  Oval
Treatments:  None Measurements:  6.7 x 5.5 mm

For sheer number of gems recovered, this has to be certainly one of the rarest of gem species, all the more unusual for having a US locale.  A small find of the this material was recovered several years ago (primarily for specimens) and written up in the Summer 2008 issue of GIA's Gems and Gemology.  Heavily fractured and highly color-zoned material was the norm, so a reasonably transparent gem of 3/4 ct. with a consistent color makes a very, very respectable example of the species.  There are no overly distracting inclusions and the gem has even taken a very nice polish - a nod to Lawsonite's hardness of 8, unusually high for a rare gem material.  Very difficult to find in this quality. 

$295 total