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6.32 ct. Illinois Witherite

Color:  White Clarity:  Translucent
Origin:  Cave-In-Rock, Hardin Co., Illinois Cut:  Oval
Treatments:  None Measurements:  12 x 8.6 mm

An extremely uncommon U.S. gem material and one that we have only been able to offer once or twice.  Witherite is a barium mineral that doesn't often form with sufficient clarity to facet.  One locale that does produce gem rough are the well known mineral deposits around Cave-In-Rock, Illinois.  This fine example, is very well cut and translucent for the material, and is certainly a larger stone for the species as well.  An experienced hand has given it a very fine polish for a mineral with a hardness of 3 on the Moh's scale.  As is expected with this material, it has a chalky bluish-white fluorescence under UV light.  Quite uncommon, even within 'rare stone' circles.

$50 / carat - $316 total