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39.10 ct. Rhodolite Garnet

Color:  Dark Purple-Red Clarity:  Eye Clean to Slightly Included
Origin:  Tanzania Cut:  Oval Brilliant - Checkerboard Top
Treatments:  None Measurements:  22.7 x 19mm

The archaic term 'carbuncle' is rarely encountered in the gem trade any longer, but what to call a quality garnet of enormous size, cut with a checkerboard crown to mimic a cabochon?  From a well shaped and large piece of Tanzanian rough, we had the idea to take the chance and cut a single stone of a size that is almost completely absent in the trade.  A superb collection piece or, if you have an enthusiasm and want to revive 19th century Bohemian jewelry, why not make a real statement? The cutting is fresh and the stone has a great luster.  We have been a little harsh with the clarity grade, the stone has just a touch of silk visible in strong oblique lighting.  Certainly not an easily replaced stone!

$40 / carat - $1564 total