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1.45 ct. Cat's Eye Alexandrite

Color:  Dark Bluish-Green / Brownish-Purple Clarity:  Slightly Included
Origin:  India Cut:  Round Cabochon
Treatments:  None Measurements:  6.2 mm

Perennially popular, there is never a sufficient supply of fine cat's eye Alexandrite.  The quality range is extreme, with milky stones with a less than ideal color change at the commercial level.  In the last decade, so very nice stones came from India with both an excellent eye and fine change.  The issue with these was always size, as most were 1/4 ct. stones.  This is the largest one we have seen recently to represent both phenomena honorably - indeed one of the few that approach a carat and a half in weight.  The eye is extremely sharp, moves well and is unbroken across the entire surface of the stone.  The color change is very good, around an 80-85% change with the blue-green being the slightly finer of the two colors.  Largely transparent with just a few thin veils in transmitted light, this one is so much better than what is typically available.  Well polished with little or now wasted weight as well.

$850 / carat - $1232 total