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1.93 ct. Cupro-Adamite

Color:  Medium Green-Blue Clarity:  Semi-Transparent
Origin:  Mapimi, Durango, Mexico Cut:  Oval Mixed
Treatments:  None Measurements:  8.8 x 6.2 mm

A superb example of this gem rarity.  The Mapimi finds produced some outstanding specimens and some very limited facet rough for a short period in the 1980's.  Adamite is a zinc arsenate that is rare to begin with, but with a strong copper content adding this intense saturated color, this variety is even more sought after.  Very nicely cut and what is particularly difficult to capture in the photograph is the excellent level of transparency this gem has - very nearly as good as it gets in this species.  Also, an extremely large stone for this quality in particular - very reminiscent of material from the classic locality in Greece and an absolute collection showpiece.

$500 / carat - $965 total