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1.54 ct. 'Andalusite' Sapphire

Color:  Medium Dark Brown/Green Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Sri Lanka Cut:  Round Portuguese
Treatments:  Probable Heat Measurements:  6.7mm

Completely our trio of fine collector's Sapphire this month is this very intriguing stone - now let us explain the liberty we took with the name above .  The color is almost beyond definition - in various lighting the stone will shift from an autumnal yellowish-green to an unusual woody brown hue.  In most light, a mix of these is present giving the stone an almost Andalusite-like appearance that we have not seen before in gem Sapphire.  You can see this in the photos where the center of the stone remains brown while the edges take on this green tinge.  Quite well cut and clean, this one is surely unique.  An oddity among the legendary gems from Sri Lanka.

$195 / carat - $300 total