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59.94 ct. Quartz with Tourmaline Cabochon

Color:  Colorless / Dark Green Clarity:  Heavily Included
Origin:  Brazil Cut:  Oval Cabochon
Treatments:  None Measurements:  31.5 x 21.9 mm

Simply one of the most appealing and visually interesting pieces of Tourmaline in Quartz that we have seen.  Firstly, the stone itself is bold and large - nearly 60 carats makes for a great presence.  Secondly, the almost explosive display of well formed and bright Tourmaline crystals is simply gorgeous.  More often than not, the Tourmaline in these specimens is either very dark in color or limited to one or two larger crystals.  So, not only do you have literally dozens of small, fully transparent Tourmaline crystals (many terminated near or just below the surface), but they are hosted in the most starkly colorless and otherwise completely clean Quartz.  A natural artwork at its finest!

$5 / carat - $299 total