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4.36 ct. Gore Mountain New York Garnet

Color:  Dark Red Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Gore Mountain, Warren Co., New York Cut:  Square Radiant
Treatments:  None Measurements:  8.4 mm

Here is something different for a US gem material.  The Gore Mountain Garnet deposit in Warren Co., New York has catered to literally generations of tour bus crowds eager for a 'fee for dig' experience and is quite well known among the mineral collecting community.  It is variously billed as the 'largest garnet deposit in the world' and the 'world's largest sandpaper mine'.  This last, dubious distinction comes from the area's history (dating to the 1850's) as a source for industrial garnet for the abrasive industry.  In fact, for reasons that are not immediately obvious, this is also said to be the 'hardest' garnet in the world.  It is an interesting story and well worth googling. 

This material is actually the state gem of New York and though small stones are not exactly rare, a fine, larger stone is almost unheard of.  This is among the largest and finest faceted stones we have seen from this area, the material is not typically of high gem grade - not surprising considering that some of the crystals are quite literally one or two feet across.  The custom US cutting is superb and, though the stone is dark, it does retain a nice red flash and attractive color.  All told, an extremely rare stone.


$65 / carat - $283 total