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0.30 ct. Malagasy Grandidierite

Color:  Medium Dark Greenish-Blue Clarity:  Eye Clean
Origin:  Madagascar Cut:  Trillion
Treatments:  None Measurements:  4.5 mm

Had we been told a few years ago that a new find might produce true, gem grade Grandidierite we would have been highly skeptical.  Indeed, the quality of this material must be seen to be believed - never before have fully transparent gems comes to market.  The few that exists decades ago from Sri Lanka acquired mythical status in the gem world and for another deposit to ever come to light was fanciful thinking.  Grandidierite is one of the few stones in the rare gem category to boast a very respectable Moh's hardness - 7 1/2.

Well, here it is.  This is a fully transparent, completely loupe clean absolute top color Grandidierite.  We cannot stress the quality of the color here enough - there are stones around with considerably lighter tone that literally pale in comparision.  That, in concert with the exceptional clarity (very few of these can claim loupe clean status) and precision cutting make this a special offering.  Long one of the great rarities, this is THE time to acquire one of these as we have no word on the continued availability of these.  Quite amazing to be able to offer a stone such as this.


$495 total