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0.88 ct. Benitoite

Color:  Medium Dark Slightly Violetish-Blue Clarity:  Slightly Included
Origin:  California Cut:  Round Brilliant
Treatments:  None Measurements:  5.4 mm

As a classic rare gem material, you will have a hard time finding something more perfect than Benitoite.  It can be stunningly gorgeous, comes from a single (now closed) deposit and is just hard enough to justify its use in jewelry.  Not surprisingly then, there has always been a demand for these - back when they were readily available and even more so now that the supply has all but dried up.  And throughout the life of the Benitoite Gem Mine, nothing demanded a premium like a top color round brilliant - this popular cut was not easy to coax out of the shape of most Benitoite rough.

This gem presents an interesting opportunity for value in this usually very tightly regulated market.  The stone falls just below the 'light carat' range and, as such, doesn't see the huge increase that a 1 carat stone would bring.  Moreover, while the shape and color and just right - the gem is not loupe clean.  There is a small veil that runs along one side.  As inclusions go, this is pretty much as good as it gets; off-center and minimal relief.  Additionally, it is nothing that would affect the durability of the stone in a setting.  A very attractive and fine gem at a very competitive price.

$500 total