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5.42 ct. Ethiopian Opal

Color:  Medium Orange / Play-of-Color Clarity:  Translucent
Origin:  Wengal Tena, Wollo Province, Ethiopia Cut:  Triangle
Treatments:  None Measurements:  13 mm

The remarkable gem Opals coming from Ethiopia continue to be extremely popular.  The material itself is very fine and supplies are relatively good - prices remain nicely competitive for the quality of these.  As soon as mining is interrupted or supplies fall short, we expect a significant price up tick.  The play-of-color that this material is capable of is downright astonishing - broad patches of bright green, highlights of red and even blue and violet.  Here, this remarkable display is set on a fantastic, large colorless body with an excellent level of translucency.  The precision cutting is superb and this is simply one of the largest of this fine quality that we have had.  And remember, because Opal is so light, you are getting a stone that looks considerably larger than its 5 carat size.

$140 / carat - $758 total