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0.26 ct. Idaho Ludlamite

Color:  Medium Dark Very Slightly Yellowish-Green Clarity:  Slightly Included
Origin:  Blackbird Mine, Lemhi Co., Idaho Cut:  Shield
Treatments:  None Measurements:  5.2 x 2.7 mm

One of the great US rarities and quite often absent from many collections.  Ludlamite is a rare phosphate mineral that has a classic source in the Blackbird Mine of Lemhi Co., Idaho.  Most facet grade material comes from older specimens, so these are exceedingly rare in the market.  Excellent transparency (not always the case) and superb cutting, another rarity given the Moh's hardness of only 3 1/2.  Quite brilliant and very lovely with the classic 'apple' green bodycolor.

$425 total